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Our Mission Is To Become The Best Casting Company In The World

We use only the special and standardized quality materials. All parts are manufactured as per International standards, OE specifications. The proper solid bronze alloys were selected to provide uninterrupted properties and natural lubricating film at the bearing/pin/shaft interface. These solid bronze bushings and bearings have excellent wear characteristics in oscillating, high shock, heavy load applications.

Our chain of products reflects great skill, expertise and experience of our personnel. We are, at the same time, equipped with drawing, designing, elaborate quality control facilities and continuous research and development activities which equally form the integral part of our organization. Our excellence is also seen when we develop the products as per the customers’ specifications and drawings.

We produce from minimum 15gm to 700kg one piece or single cast from non ferrous centrifugal casting with machining facilities.

All above items are with machining and CNC machining facilities.

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We produces commercial quality level castings, as well as upgraded castings for more stringent applications. We can provide all levels of testing and inspection to verify quality and certify our castings to meet your strict requirements.

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